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Maharashtra - The third largest state in India is sprawling across 3,00,000 rugged sq.kms of western India, just south to the Tropic of Capricorn. Naturally bound by its physically features, the region is one of remarkable diversity. Maharashtra is located just below the physical centre of India. It has always been the melting pot between North and south India. Here people from both these distinct parts of India comfortably adjust and live harmoniously.A region of intrinsic beauty and opportunity, it is also land of variety ranging from 720 kms. long coastline dotted with secluded beaches to the masjestic Sahyadri mountian ranges to the historic monuments of Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta to the religious sites of Alandi, Pandharpur and Paithan. The sprawling sugarcane and cotton belts of Kolhapur and Vidarbha are here too. All topped up by a relaxed friendly attitude that makes Maharashtra an intoxicating cocktail, to be savoured time and again.

Maharashtra is also a fruit lover's delight. on offer are grapes from Nashik, strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, chikoos from Dahanu, oranges from Nagpur, bananas from Jalgoan, figs from Pune and most importantly alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri. Mumbai - the financial capital of the country and one of the world's leading cities is an intergral part of Maharashtra. this is a large, populous and economically important state. From the capital Mumbai (formerly Bombay), most travellers head south to the beaches of Goa, south east to Pune and its famous Ashram or northeast to the World-Heritage listed cave temples of ajanta and ellora. the state also has some intersting ruined forts, mostly associated with the Marathas. The western ghats run parallel with the coast. south of Mumbai and thin strip between the ghats (hills) and the Arabian Sea is known as Konkan Coast and there are some surprisingly good, virtually undiscovered beaches along here. The rest of the state stands on the high Deccan plateau, stretching some 800 kms east including two hill stations - Matheran and Mahabaleshwar.

Maharashtra dominates the heart of the peninsula. With over 500 kms of coastline, from Daman in the north to Goa in the south, it stetches over 900 kms east to the edge of the Chota Nagpur plateau. There are some beautiful and fascinating sites. The earliest of the world famous frescoes and carvings at ajanta and Ellora caves date from the 2nd century BC. Along the seacoast, there are wonderful ruined forts built by the Marathas and the Portuguese, while Maratha forts are also perched precariously on the hilltop of the Western Ghats. From these fastnesses, in guerilla warfare, carved out a territory that stretched the width of India. Mumbai apart, Maharashtra is predominantly agricultural, but has well developed industries.

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