India - The land of great diversity, offers a very large variety of tourist attractions. Besides the natural beauties, also the historical places and many more attractions force people all over the world to visit India. Here one can visit many tourist destinations,explore new sights and learn different cultures and religions. This very reason makes India travel very special. A visit to India thus can be the holiday of a lifetime, a great never forgetting experience! Indian land boasts of diversified geographical features like, coastal areas, dry plateaus, fertile plains, tropical rain forests, desert regions, valleys, mountain ranges etc. This is one of the basic reasons for tourists all over flocking to India to get a glimpse of this mysterious land of geographical diversities. Indian land is covered by Himalayan mountains in north and remaining three sides by oceans – Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay Of Bengal. Besides these, there are excavations and monuments covering mellinia in history to remind the visitor of a multi-faceted, multi-religious country where the aesthetic sense in man and his spiritual fervour have combined to produce works of art that are among the most beautiful in the world.

India has rare mixture of races, people, languages, customs and traditions. Very few countries can boast of such a wide spectrum!India is a land of great variety, seemingly of contradictions where the past of thousands of years is living and vivid. The people, their colour and the intermingling of the past and the present are India's greatest charm and attraction. Little realised fact is that India has strong infrastructure of tourist facilities which provide for travel within the country in comfort. There are deluxe and palace hotels uniquley Indian in character. There are hotels of 3 to 5 to 7 star levels for the medium, high budget and luxurious budget tourist. The budget traveller can expect 1 and 2 star hotels, tourist bunglows and youth hostels for accomodation.

There are restaurants in plenty catering to all tastes and offering indian, chinese or continental cuisines. The indian menus are again, of a great variety with each region having own specialities. Many well known flight operators operate air services between practically all the major towns and cities. The indian railways on the other hand gives a chance to see country side. For those who prefer road travel,there are chauffer driven luxury taxis, tourist taxis and coaches available for hire.Besides, there are bus / luxury coach services connecting tourist centres with nearby cities and towns. Most tourist spots conduct inexpensive sight seeing. Much of the reaction of a visitor to india depends upon how well the tour is planned and conducted. This blog attempts to give in nutshell the basic information required in planning tour to India. Exotic destinations are there for intrepid traveller and exciting one for those who prefer the well trodden route. There are myriad places suitable for travel during different seasons of the year making india truly a travel destination for all seasons!
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